Garden Bench Painting Project

Garden Bench Painting Project

We stock this style of hardwood garden bench at Lily Bloom's.  They are very sturdy and quite comfortable to sit on and watch life go by, however, they are BROWN! So, one afternoon we decided to sort the brown issue out, How did we do it? Easy!


These benches are treated with an oil when the leave the factory, and after a few seasons the oil completely dries out and the wood starts to bleach.  In order for the paint to get a good grip on the surface it is important to remove all of this oil.  

Autentico OmniClean from Lily Bloom interiorsOmniClean  The first step is to use a solution of Autentico OmniClean to remove the oil and any other dirt from the surface of the wood.  You need to dilute the OmniClean with clean water at a ratio of one part OmniClean to 10 parts water.  Then with the solution on a clean cloth, thoroughly clean down the surface.  Finally wipe down any residue left with clean warm water and leave it a few minutes to dry out while you get ready for the next step. 

Sand  Sanding is a fairly straight forward process for this kind of project.  You do not need to get out your power sander or anything near as dramatic, just get some medium grade sand paper and gently rub the surface.  The aim here is to 'roughen-up' the surface a little bit so that the primer can stick really well to it.  Professional painters call this process "keying the surface".

The whole of the preparation process for a project of this size should take no longer that 45 minutes, then your ready to get the brushes out!

For this project we used an Autentico 35mm Round Brush.  The round brushes are really handy for getting in between the slats of the seat, the width of the wood on the back was also around this size so it meant that it could be painted in one stroke.

Primer.  In some cases you can go straight from cleaning to painting.  However, using Autentico Primer as a base coat helps the paint to form a strong bind with the wood. Another reason why we used primer on this project is for its stain blocking properties, the timber used in this type of bench is very oily and ends to bleed-out. You will know almost straight away if the wood is going to bleed out by patches of discolouration on the paint.  It's not the end of the world if you start to paint and notice bleed out, what you need to do is stop painting, leave what you have done dry, light sand, wash down and then apply a primer.  We try and leave items to dry for at least 8 hours between coats, though the primer drys quickly sometimes four hours is enough.  Now for the transformation...

Autentico have over 150 colours in their palette.  For our bench project we chose two subtle tones that work well together, Aqua and Casa Blanca.

Firstly we painted the sides, seat and top and bottom rails of the back part in Aqua followed by the horizontal rails in the back section in the colour Casa Blanca.  The round brushes are magical for getting into the hard to reach areas.  This was left this to dry overnight.  The following day we repeated this process and applied the second coat.  The second coat was dry to touch after a few hours, though it is best practice and recommended to leave the completed item stand for a few days for the paint to fully cure - in the mid winter this was not too much of a problem.  

Now our bench is completely cured and the eggshell formula has developed its tough exterior and ready for Summer time. Why not give your garden furniture a new lease of life before the clocks go forward and be ready for the fine weather?

If you need anymore details give me a call into us at Lily Bloom, Main Street, Camolin, County Wexford or call me at 086 2225526 or send an email to  In the meanwhile here are some more pictures from this project.


Standard Hardwood Garden Bench Prior to painting with Autentico Eggshell by Lily Bloom Interiors  Cleaned down and primed with Autentico Primer at Lily Bloom Interiors  Garden bench transformed with Autentico Eggshell at Lily Bloom Interiors Camolin  Lily Bloom Interiors ... Autentico Paint great for use outdoors  Painted Garden Bench using Autentico Eggshell colours Aqua and Neutral at Lily Bloom Interiors Camolin County Wexford.  Lily can't wait to enjoy spending the Summer on her bench painted with Autentico Eggshell

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